Supercomputer Definition Characteristics Examples & Facts


A supercomputer is a PC with a noteworthy degree of execution when stood out from an all around helpful PC. The show of a supercomputer is normally assessed in drifting point undertakings consistently (FLOPS) as opposed to million bearings for each second (MIPS). Since 2017, there¬†are supercomputers which can perform …

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Electrochemical Microsystem Technology

Microtechnology will continue overpowering the system of present day propels on account of its select procedure of downsizing and blend of utilitarian segments in particular structures . A wide extent of microproducts are created by utilizing microfabrication structures which rely upon electrochemical fundamentals. Latest research in the domains of ultraprecision …

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Hot New Technology Sector Micro Devices


  One of the most sizzling affirmed movement parts in 2002 and past is the field of cut back scale contraptions. This field joins nanotechnology and microelectromechanical systems MEMS. Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary zone of science focused on the sub-nuclear level to make huge structures atom by molecule with from …

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