How to Create a Publishable APK File for Your Android App

Publishable APK files differ from other APK files. You need to make sure your android app has a publishable APK file if you hope to publish your app in the Google Play Store. you’ll be surprised to find out that creating a publishable APK file is not very complicated. Just follow these instructions:

1: Make sure you have prepared your code for the Google Play Store
2: In Android Studio’s main menu, choose Build → Generate Sigend APK.

The Generate Signed APK dialog box appears. This dialog box has a drop-down list in which you select one of your project’s

3: Click Next

pic1 The first Generate Signed APK dialog box.

As a result, another Generate Singend APK dialog box appears. This box contains a key store path field

In what follows, it’s assumed that you have not yet created a key store. (If you have created one, you will know that you did)


4: Click the Create New button.

pic2 Android Studio asks for a Key Store Path

As a result a New key store dialog box opens.


5: Chosse a name and a location for your key store. Put the full path name (the locatin and filename) of the new key store in dialog box’s key store path field.

See the first field below. A key store file was created and named android.jsk. The new file was put in a directory named/Users/barryburd/keystore. (in the filename android.jks, the extension. jks stands for java keystore.) As you publish more apps, you’ll probably use this key store to sign other projects APK files.

Signing all your android projects with same key is a very good idea. Android treats the key as a kind of fingerprint, and tow apps with the smae fingerprint can be trusted to communicate with one another. When tow apps have the same key you can easily get these apps to help on another out.
Android Studios new key store dialog box won’t create a directory for you. If you type/users/myusername/keystores/ something .jks key store path field, you must have a /users/myusername/keystores directory before you click OK.

6: Enter passwords in the password and confirm fields.

pic3 The New Key Store dialog box

Do yourself a favor and make ems strong passwords. please rememeber the passwords that you create when you fill in the password and confirm field. You’ll need enter passwords when you use this key to sign another app.


7: Type a name in the Alias field

The alias can be any string of characters, but you might want to decide against being creative when you make up an alias. Avoid blank spaces and punctuation.

pic4 On your way to an APK

8:Accept the default validity period (25 years).

If you create a key on new year’s day in 2020 the key will expire on new year’s day in 2045. Happy anew year everybody. According to the play store’s rules, your key must not expire until sometime after October 22, 2033 so 25 years from 2020 is okay

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